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Why Going to an Eco Holiday Matters to the Environment?

ByDoris Iverson

Aug 31, 2021
Why Going to an Eco Holiday Matters to the Environment

Does going on an eco holiday affect the environment? Yes, both positively and negatively. Over the past few years, mass tourism has resulted in the destruction of numerous habitats, harm to the local communities, and erosion of unspoiled landscapes. Also, it has caused an upsurge in carbon emissions that ultimately lead to climate change.

Fortunately, eco-tourisms seem to be fighting back.

Providing an ethically minded, cleaner, and greener alternative, going on eco-friendly holidays can help protect the environment as well as give back to the local communities while allowing vacationers to enjoy unforgettable trips.

This short guide explains what eco-tourism is, why going on an eco holiday matters to the environment, and different types of eco-holidays.

What Is Ecotourism?

As opposed to mass tourism that just focuses on making profits for the company and providing one size fit all holidays, ecotourism provides a unique experience that can have very positive impacts on the planet.

This involves:

  • Staying in accommodations with lower environmental impacts
  • Building cultural and environmental awareness as well as respect
  • Reducing the impact of travel and pollution on local communities
  • Taking steps to protect the environment
  • Making sure the mode of transport has a low impact

Benefits Of Eco-Holidays

Helps Protect The Planet

The eco holidays help protect habitats, natural biodiversity, and the beauty of nature by making sustainable choices.

Unlike mass tourism that usually leads to reduced habitats for wildlife, destroys natural areas, and investors building high-rise hotels to dominate the local areas.

Many hotels and holiday destinations that use renewable energy, are energy efficient, and have a good recycling policy can offer eco-friendly accommodation.

Helps The Local Economies

Ecotourism helps make sure that the revenue generated by the tourism sector goes to those that deserve it, the locals.

By providing income for entertainers, translators, and tour guides and employing the locals, helps support hundreds of families, offers educational opportunities, and helps build stronger positive relationships. Supporting small businesses and shopping locally is a superb way to ensure ecotourism has a positive effect on the environment.


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