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Why Bralettes are so Popular

ByMollie Gifford

Aug 30, 2021
Why Bralettes are so Popular

Oops, they’re just walking around in their bra! Outdoors! Yes, it’s even a fashion trend. So let’s talk about bralettes and how to wear them.

Only in a bra without a t-shirt or blouse: Is that the right dress code for the street? Why not, because the so-called bralette is not an everyday fly, but has had what it takes to become a real fashion hit for some time.

Bralettes are basically bras that are made without padding or underwire. They are mostly cut in a triangle shape and optionally made of fine lace, delicate mesh or sporty elastic material. These bralettes do not hide, they are shown openly. You are the top.

Like many a trend, it took a long time for this to spread to us, initially worn by the stars on the streets of the hip fashion capitals. At first, it almost looked like a minor scandal.

First, the stars wore it

For example, when Hollywood star Katie Holmes waved a taxi by the side of the road in New York in 2019 – only wearing a casual cashmere jacket fastened to a single button, under which the whole bra clearly peeked out. In everyday life, not on a red carpet. A paparazzo took a snapshot of this scene – and it sparked amazement and a trend around the world.

From last autumn this look was sometimes seen on our streets. This summer the bralettes finally conquered fashion.

This is partly due to the fact that stars like Katie Holmes took to the streets in such a stylish way, but not only, as a fashion editor, Madeline Dangmann from Glamor magazine thinks. “The bralette also symbolizes a quiet revolution in fashion,” she says. “Away from push-up bras, which should present everything as perfectly as possible, or underwire variants, which are also responsible for a certain shape, and towards more casualness that still looks sexy.”

Home office as a trend accelerator

Of course, fashion has also changed due to the fact that many women are now increasingly sitting in the home office and want to be as comfortable as possible there. But the core of the bralette trend is: “Present yourself as you are – every body is beautiful.” This look clearly follows the tendency towards a positive body feeling.

The selection of bralettes in retail is immense, believes the purchasing advisor Stephanie Zarnic from Berlin. “There were sporty variants made of simple elastane as well as romantic lace bralettes or modern variants in a batik look.” The shapes also vary from very short to generous bralettes that are reminiscent of bustiers.

“This trend is actually quite easy to combine if you stick to a few rules of the game,” explains shopping advisor Andrea Lakeberg from Berlin. “You are always on the safe side, for example, when you wear a bralette under a slim-fitting blazer.” Or with jeans or a leather jacket.

Tip: combine paper bag pants

Fashion consultant Stephanie Zarnic advises: “It is ideal if you combine the bralette with high-cut trousers like the current paper bag trousers. This shortens the space between the bralette and trousers and has a subtle effect.” Paperbag trousers are models with a very high-cut waistband, which is closed with a belt so that the ruffled fabric protrudes from the top – like a paper bag that is crumpled up.


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