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How Can You Tell if a Fashion Brand is Green?

ByMollie Gifford

Sep 1, 2021
How Can You Tell if a Fashion Brand is Green

Ever wondered what the fashion revolution is all about? This is a movement that started back in 2014 with the aim of answering the question – who manufactured my clothes? Since then, there has been increased public awareness with regard to the process of cloth making. But how do we really know which fashion brands are green and sustainable? Are there some steps we can take? Read on to know how you can tell if a fashion brand is green and sustainable.


This is the easiest thing anyone can do, to properly understand how clothes are made. For starters, you can check out the cloth labels to know the pieces of information you’re getting. You need to look for answers on how the cloth is made, what the clothes are made of, and how you can take good care of it. Knowing the fabrics that have been used can tell you how long you can expect your clothing to last. However, if you cannot find the information on the labels, you can check out the brand’s name online and you’ll get some information about the brand/company.

Look For Accountability And Transparency

The most sustainable and successful brands aren’t afraid of revealing such information. Instead, they are very proud to inform customers about the journey of the apparel they make. Therefore, you should look for impact reports as well as information regarding the factors that the brand uses. If such information isn’t available, you should reach out to the company and ask questions. You can even write an email requesting information about the supplier’s direct contact details.

Consider The Materials Used By The Brand And Their Sources

Every fabric that’s used for making clothes affects the environment. For this reason, we need to ensure we only wear ‘green’ and ethical clothes. First, you can review the brand’s ethical guidelines to find out where the fabric was initially knitted or sourced. It’s also important to check whether the fabric used is synthetic or natural. The main difference is that natural fabrics such as hemp, linen, or silk take less energy to manufacture. They are even reused more in recycling than synthetic fabrics.

Check The Vegan-Friendly Box

It’s always important to explore this subject if you want to wear green clothes. Animal rights must be involved mainly because wearing fur, silk, and wool directly impacts animals in a non-ethical way because their production isn’t sustainable. When it comes to using leather, unless the material is recycled from old coats, or car seats, the clothing isn’t eco-friendly. Killing and raising animals to profit from their skin and flesh wastes multiple resources and ultimately causes lots of destruction.

Buy Locally

Buying miles away from where you reside involves lots of uncertainty about what you’ll receive. For example, Louis Vuitton and Alexander Wang are made in China. Ever wondered why it’s located in China? It’s because workers in Cambodia, Bangladesh, or China work in conditions that aren’t very good, their pay is low, and work for extended periods. Instead of buying from such brands, you can empower the locals and buy more sustainable brands.


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