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What to Watch Out for on Mountain Tours With Your Dog

ByHarold Edwards

Sep 3, 2021
What to Watch Out for on Mountain Tours With Your Dog

A successful hike in the mountains with a dog depends on good preparation. Dog owners have a lot to consider. For example, enough water.

If you go on a mountain hike with your dog, you should make sure to avoid cow pastures when planning your route – and if one does have to be crossed, it should be as quiet as possible and without hectic.

However, if a cow is attacked, the owner should definitely let his dog off the leash. That is the advice of the experts of the World Animal Protection Society (WTG). The explanation: This is the only way the dog is fast enough to flee from the cow – and so he can also draw their attention away from the hiker.

In preparation for an excursion into nature, the WTG recommends that you also get an overview of regional regulations on leash duty as well as local wild-growing poisonous plants and animals.

Enough water from springs or from your backpack

Mum and dad should pay attention to a lot more when hiking. Among other things, they should find out about the availability of natural and clean springs along the way. If this does not exist, enough water must be packed for the dog.

In general, regular (drinking) breaks should be planned. When planning the hiking route, the individual condition of the dog should be taken into account and the dog should not be overwhelmed. Very stony paths and steep paths are to be avoided.

In the run-up to the hike, the dog should be used to a safe harness, advises the WTG. When out and about, the dog should be protected from strong sunlight as much as possible, and owners of electric fences should be particularly careful not to let the animal get too close.


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