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The Top 15 Best Theme Parks in the UK

ByDoris Iverson

Jun 1, 2022
15 best themed parks uk

The best theme parks in the UK have amazing rollercoasters, rides, and an all-around experience. No doubt, each theme park offers its unique attractions to draw the attention of the visitors. You can enjoy live festivals, bizarre rides, and colourful playing grounds. Not all of the UK’s theme parks were designed equal. For this reason, it is essential to choose the right theme park that suits your lifestyle and needs.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 15 best-themed parks in the UK. Want to know more about the best-themed parks in the UK? Keep reading down to find out more.

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Fantasy Island

Searching for a place to test out your bravery? Fantasy Island is a top-ranked theme park in the UK. This park offers thrilling rides to fulfill your adventurous needs. Furthermore, it has also amenities to keep everyone entertained and excited. What’s special about Fantasy Island? It has the largest seven-day market in Europe.

Chessington World of Adventures Resort

This adventurous resort is an all-in-one attraction in England. It is the best theme park, zoo, as well as a hotel. Chessington World of Adventures Resort has everything that you and your family need to enjoy a day. Of course, it has a lot of activities to explore with over 40 rides.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

blackpool pleasure beach_

Want to enjoy a thrilling day at one of the best theme parks in the UK? Here comes the best park located on the Flyde coast in Blackpool – Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Moreover, it is popularly known as one of the most visited tourist attractions in the UK. It comes up with many larger roller coasters, including the Blue Flyer, the Big Dipper, and the Grand National. Moreover, this park has something for everyone including kids and adults.

Lightwater Valley Theme Park

This park is a mid-sized one with over 35 rides. These rides appeal to people of all ages. The best thing about this park is the signature ride popularly known as The Ultimate. It is one of the longest roller coasters in Europe. Also, you can find many other amazing, fun rides suited for everyone.

Drayton Manor Theme Park

The Drayton Manor Theme Park is widely known as the home of Thomas Land. It offers never-ending thrills to people of all ages. If you are looking for a family ride, this theme park is the best one for you.

Gulliver’s World Theme Park

gulliver’s world theme park

If you have been searching for the top theme parks in the UK, Gulliver’s World Theme Park ranks among them. It is specifically designed for families to spend quality time with lots of thrills, laughter, and entertainment. It has several rides for kids aged two to 13. Indeed, people of all ages can have a great time. It may offer you special discounts if you book tickets at least 2 days before visiting the park.

Crealy Theme Park & Resort

Do you know Crealy Theme Park has been voted as the best “Family Attraction of the year” in England? It is home to 60+ rides and attractions. Moreover, it entertains people by offering interesting live shows. This fabulous park offers so many other leisure facilities such as a large lodge.

Flamingo Land Resort

Here comes the best theme park, zoo, and resort. Flamingo Land Resort offers all unique facilities in one place. Some of its major attractions include a flying roller coaster known as Hero. Furthermore, it has more than 50 rides and attractions best suited for everyone.

Flamingo Land Resort is considered a gorgeous themed park in the UK. Many people all over the world spend quality time at this park every year.

Legoland Windsor Resort

legoland windsor resort

This beautiful park is known as the children’s paradise. The Legoland Windsor Resort is best suited for children aged 3 to 12. It is one of the adventure parks in England. Most importantly, this theme park has more than 50 rides and other attractions to enjoy. What else are you looking for?

Alton Towers

As an ideal theme park, Alton Towers is all set to entertain people. This park offers thrilling rides such as Rita and Oblivion. Indeed, Alton Towers can entertain adults and families with toddlers.

Apart from these 10 best theme parks, here are 5 more top themed parks in the United Kingdom.

  • Thorpe Park
  • Legoland Windsor Resort
  • Paultons Park
  • Oakwood Theme Park
  • Lightwater Valley Theme Park

Among the top 15 best-themed parks in the UK, all you have is to plan a trip to a park of your liking. We have discussed top-tier and most popular parks across the United Kingdom. All of these parks offer top-notch and never-ending entertainment to the visitors. Furthermore, you can enjoy yourself with your family or friends at these adventurous parks.

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