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These are the Vegan Clothing Materials You Should Wear

ByHarold Edwards

Aug 13, 2021
These are the Vegan Clothing Materials You Should Wear

In a world largely marked by increasing concerns about the impact of clothing materials upon the environment, we can research to find new solutions to the recurring problem – reducing the damages caused by the industrial processing of clothing materials. Let’s take a look at the vegan clothing materials you should wear today.

Organic Cotton

Traditional cotton is considered the world’s dirtiest crop. These poor protections mean that the environment and farms are exposed to harmful chemicals in large numbers, with substantial health implications.

Also, there’s a substantial degree of child and forced labour that’s involved in the worldwide conventional cotton supply.

Modal And Lyocell

Modal and lyocell are fibres made from wood pulp. These utilize chemicals in production but are free from harmful solvents. Moreover, the processes are usually closed loop, which means the chemicals are re-harvested and reused multiple times.

Nonetheless, the wood pulp should be acquired from sustainable sources. A good example is a modal manufactured in Europe and North America.

Indonesian and Chinese modal are catapulting the destruction of rainforest in Indonesia. On the other hand, Tencel is a certified type of lyocell that’s manufactured from sustainable wood pulp.


As a vegetarian, it’s highly likely you’re familiar with flaxseeds. Linen is the textile made from reeds of the flax plant. It has been traditionally manufactured in Japan and Europe for many years and is a more sustainable option.


Hemp is a great fibre extracted from plant sources with many environmental benefits. It can be grown in marginal land. This ensures it does not take more productive land away from the food crops. Hemp is pretty soft and has over the years become increasingly popular.

Peace Silk And Soysilk

Soysilk is crafted from the soy residue leftover during tofu production. Nonetheless, formaldehyde is utilized in the process. Searching for a vegan-friendly silk alternative? If so, soysilk will be a perfect option.


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