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Going On A Holiday On A Bike?

ByHarold Edwards

Aug 13, 2021
Going On A Holiday On A Bike

Going on a holiday on your bike is a different experience from an average vacation. It usually includes most of the usual pleasures, from exotic cuisines to sightseeing, and adds more fun. Following are some of the things you’ll enjoy about taking a bike tour.


For many vacationers, going on holiday means enjoying all that the destination has to offer. Whether it’s sweets, cocktails, wine, or food, we tend to ignore health when going on holiday. This often leads to many people feeling worn out when they return than they were before they left.

Spending your holiday on a bike tour helps feel more refreshed and recharged. Like an over-indulgent vacation, you might feel tired after you get home, even though the long and short-term benefits of cycling for a period significantly outweigh the minor inconveniences. If you go on a cycling tour, you largely focus on your health, you also participate in things such as massage, stretching, and yoga to recover after a few rides.

The Slow Life

Many people go on holiday to slow down, to forget the work pressures of our daily lives and just relax. However, vacations usually do the opposite. We often run around in order to catch flights, hit the beach, get food, find accommodations and take a sightseeing tour. On a bike, you’ll have to slow your pace and pay close attention to cycling.

Restored Connections

With the busy lives, we are leading today and covid-19 pandemic lockdown restrictions forcing us to stay at home, we can all feel the loss of connection. We live in our cars, offices, and houses – far away from nature, cycling is a great way for you to reconnect.

Surrounding yourself with nature helps feel more grounded, lowers stress levels, and eases anxiety, so it’s very easy for you to see why extended time on a bike can help reconnect with those around you. If you feel grounded, riding your bike makes it easier for you to deal with stress and feel more connected.

Unfiltered Experience

After visiting your holiday destination on a boat tour or bus tour, you’re usually separated from the nature around you, without being able to interact directly with the landscape. However, riding a bike immerses you in that world. You get fully enveloped in the sights, sounds, and smell at all times during the cycling tour, getting that genuine experience.


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