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Swimwear Trends for Summer 2021

ByEdna Martin

Aug 16, 2021
Swimwear trends for summer 2021 photo

A jump in the lake is definitely possible – regardless of the Corona rules. Some dare to wear it textile-free. If you prefer to swim in swimwear, you can find out what’s hot this summer here.

How exactly the summer vacation will look this year is not yet entirely clear to many due to Corona. But one thing is certain – whether at the quarry pond, in the swimming pool, on the beach or in the pool, most people want to look good when swimming. The current trends in swimwear at a glance:

Real classics and figure-friendly cuts

As far as the shapes of swimwear are concerned, the designers have apparently travelled back in time – to the 1980s, says Milena Georg. The shopping advisor from Ulrichstein in Hessen gives examples: “The typical signs of this are above all the high leg cutouts, which were so fashionable back then.”

But high-cut bikini bottoms, so-called high-waist models that reach down to the navel, are also popular. You don’t only know them from the eighties, but also from the fifties.

The fifties were in trend in swimwear a few years ago. What is new, however, is that the designers are now combining influences from different eras – for example, high-cut legs in high-waist bikini bottoms.

This is very beneficial for some women: “High leg cutouts, for example, are ideal for short women because they stretch the silhouette,” explains Lydia Maier, type consultant from Starnberg. And: “Of course, high-waist trousers hide the little tummy perfectly.”

That should make it easier for some women. Because anyone who has already tried on a bikini or bathing suit in the cold light of the changing room knows: It is not that easy to find the right model. Especially since the figure plays a much bigger role in swimwear than in other fashion trends, says Maier.

Vintage patterns and summer colours

Vintage influences are a big topic in current swimwear, according to Anette Helbig, purchasing advisor from Hanover. This not only applies to the cuts but above all to the patterns.

“Polka dots, that is, large dots, and Vichy checks are very typical of the fifties,” says Helbig. These are coloured stripes in red, blue or in pastel tones on a white background, which alternate and cross with equally wide spaces.

“Many of the trends that you can now see in current swimwear can be described as real classics,” explains shopping advisor Milena Georg. “These include above all patterns such as graphic prints, tropical flowers or stripes.”

The whole spectrum of summer colours is shown: delicate pastels as well as strong neon colours, but also elegant black and classic white are popular.

Refined necklines, ruffles and flounces

What is new with swimwear is that the designers are increasingly concentrating on details: “Straps with decorative elements or asymmetrical cutouts are real eye-catchers,” says Helbig.

“When it comes to the necklines, the so-called one-shoulder variants are particularly popular,” says Milena Georg. “While one shoulder remains free, a wide strap provides support on the other side.”

With the straps, but not only there, but a style element also appears frequently: ruffles. They are trendy and can often be seen in bikinis too – they emphasize the hips, for example, says Anette Helbig.

Flounces are also one of the details of current swimwear – for example, swimsuits with a Carmen neckline. Frills and flounces on tops are great for women with a small bust because they give more volume, “says Lydia Maier.

The difference is easy to explain: flounces are circular cut lengths of fabric that are not gathered. Ruffles consist of a gathered panel of fabric.

Sustainable materials and casual shorts for men

Women can also achieve a lot with materials: “The more elastic and firm the fabric for a bikini or bathing suit, the better it keeps the figure in shape,” explains Lydia Maier.

Speaking of materials – a lot has happened here too. Sustainable quality is becoming more and more important. “Recycled fabrics such as polyester or elastane are a big topic”, says Anette Helbig.

This also plays a major role in current men’s swimwear. According to Helbig, the trend here is clearly towards casual silhouettes: knee-length swim shorts are in fashion. “The patterns range from stripes in colour-blocking to exotic prints to comic drawings.”


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