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3 Tips to Take Care of Your Clothes with Vinegar: Cheap, Easy and Sustainable

ByMollie Gifford

Aug 17, 2021
3 Tips to Take Care of Your Clothes with Vinegar Cheap, Easy and Sustainable

Washing and caring for clothes with vinegar brings many benefits that are unknown and the best thing is that you save a lot of money and surely you already have it in your home

Probably many believe that the idea that vinegar can take care of clothes is crazy. The most common is to think of this product and associate it directly with food or household cleaning.

However, not everyone knows that vinegar is very efficient when it comes to taking care of clothes. Basically, it is cheap, easy to use and sustainable. In general, these types of products have multiple uses, whether they are for washing as well as for the maintenance of clothes.

For those who are interested in knowing how to care for and wash clothes with vinegar, these 3 tips should be taken into account:

First, you should know that vinegar for clothes is a great ally. It leaves it much cleaner and with amazing colours. In turn, something that is unknown is that it also cares for skin contact, which is why it is perfect for people sensitive to chemical and industrial products. Because it is an antiseptic and antibacterial product, it is chosen for the elimination of bacteria that are commonly found on clothing. In addition, a tip to keep in mind is that it can be perfectly combined with baking soda since its effects are enhanced.

Another way to take care of your clothes with vinegar is when it gets stained. Yes. If you want to learn how to whiten white clothes with vinegar, you have to follow these steps: You should mix warm water and a cup of vinegar in a container. Then dip the garment in the mixture and let it sit overnight. Just in the morning, wash it normally and be ready. It will already be bleached.

Finally, among these 3 tips to take care of your clothes with vinegar in a cheap, easy and sustainable way, it will help you avoid that the clothes have lint. To do this, when the washing machine is in the last rinse cycle, add half a glass of white vinegar (100 ml).

You can replace the fabric softener by adding alcohol vinegar to the washing machine compartment. And best of all, when you want to recover the colour of a garment, it will not only maintain it but will help to intensify it since the constant use of detergents turns it off.

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