• Sun. May 29th, 2022

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Are you as serious about saving the planet and taking care of the environment as we are and also happen to be a good writer? Then perhaps you’d like to contribute to IEAGreen with an article or several!

Here at IEAGreen we welcome guest writers who’d like to share their work with others covering one or more of the topics featured on our site. We do kindly ask that you take the following pitch guidelines to heart before submitting your guest post idea to us.

  1. With well over three dozen or so daily pitches, we do have our hands full. But our editing team responds to every pitch, so don’t worry if we haven’t replied right away – we will get back to you.
  2. Our team is friendly and on a mission bigger than ourselves – so we are always more than happy to receive quality, informative posts that will help make this world a better place.
  3. Time is precious, whether it’s yours or ours. So let’s try to save some of it by reading the below guest post guidelines.

How to Write For Us, Tutorial Content and Guides

Due to the numerous submissions we receive on a daily basis, we will only reply to those that fit our guest post guidelines. Here are some examples of pitches that we might not even respond to (because if you’ve pitched them, we know you didn’t bother to read the guidelines):

• How to save the environment
• Why planting trees can help fight climate change
• The history of global warming

Our aim here at IEAGreen is to provide content that is useful and is of value to the person reading it. The last thing we want is our reader to get to the bottom of your post and think “Well, that was a giant waste of my time”. And we’re sure that you don’t want that either.

So we ask that you please respect the time and mental capabilities of our readers and spare them salesy, boring, or uninformative articles. We want posts that are insightful and can in some way enrich the reader’s experience.

With that in mind, here are qualities that we treasure and wish to see in every piece of writing we publish on our site.

  •  Necessary qualifications. Whether you are an environmental scientist or you have worked in developing or implementing green technologies, we would like to see that you are indeed qualified to provide competent insight with your contributions. So please make sure your pitch can demonstrate why you are qualified to write for us.
  • Unique perspective. Nothing kills an article like realizing halfway through that you have already read this somewhere else before. We strongly value unique, original content that provides a different perspective or viewpoint from what is already available out there. Make sure your reader finishes reading your work with a sense of having learned something new (and with any luck also inspiring).


If all of the above sounds fair to you, we’ll be expecting your pitch at [email protected] or by using the contact form below:


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